Request Meals

volunteerfeaturedRequest Meals: For yourself. For a family member. For a friend. For a neighbor.

Individuals can apply for the program themselves, family members or friends may refer them, or a doctor’s office or home health care service may refer recipients to Meals on Wheels. The process is very simple. Call the Meals on Wheels office at 864-225-6800 or complete the  appropriate form here. Fax the form to 864-222-6691 or email it to info@acmow.org with ATTN: CLIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR in the subject line. Once we determine eligibility, we will contact the individual when we are able to begin services. Currently there is a 2-3 month waiting list for services.

Guidelines for Meals on Wheels – Anderson services: 

  • Must be homebound (unable to drive or driving must be very limited).
  • Must be physically or mentally incapacitated to the point where meal preparation is difficult, dangerous or impossible.
  • Must live alone or with another incapacitated person.There is no fee for clients to receive Meals on Wheels. Ours is a needs-based program, and there are no financial obligations for our recipients, except a $10 administration fee to begin the program. Beyond that fee, there are no additional charges for meals. Physician Referral located here.