About Meals on Wheels - Anderson

We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors

For over 40 years, Meals on Wheels – Anderson has provided the elderly and disabled homebound of Anderson County with a daily hot, nutritional meal and a warm greeting from our dedicated volunteers.

We are able to do this each day due to the generosity of this amazing community giving their time, money and resources to help us in our mission. We are neighbors helping neighbors. We are a family. We are Meals on Wheels – Anderson.

We Deliver More Than Just a Meal

Meals on Wheels – Anderson delivers a hot, nutritious meal daily to over 550 recipients across Anderson County. But it is so much more than food in a tray.

The elderly and homebound recipients we serve are at a much greater risk of social isolation and often, our volunteers are the only people they interact with on any given day. This isolation can lead to chronic conditions such as anxiety and depression. Another factor to this isolation is their physical wellbeing, as many of our recipients have physical disabilities and are at risk for falls.

Our volunteers deliver our recipients their food, but they also greet them, interact with them and make sure they are doing okay. This warm, human interaction helps reduce the feelings of isolation and improves their physical and mental health and also makes them feel safe and cared for.