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Taking advantage of your employer’s workplace giving program is a great way to increase the impact of your donation to Meals on Wheels – Anderson. Many employers provide matching gifts, so it pays to check with your company to see if they’ll match your contribution.

How do I find out if my employer matches donations? 
Even if you’re not aware of a matching donation policy, check with your human resources or payroll department to see if a program exists. Some companies have matching gift policies that aren’t broadly advertised.

How do I submit a matching gift?
We suggest submitting your donation in accordance with the best practices of your company. Your employer should be able to help you determine how to submit your donation to access matching funds.

Can I donate through United Way?
Yes! You may request that contributions to United Way go directly to Meals on Wheels. If you’d like to designate Meals on Wheels as the recipient of a donation to United Way, ask your employer for a donor designation form or further instructions.

If you have any questions on workplace giving, please contact us at 864-225-6800 or development@acmow.org.